The Saddle on West Street was the smallest of  chain of venues along West Stret which included the limit Club, the Hallamshire, the Mailcoach and the Beehive. The music room was at the rear of the pub and the narrow entrance made any decent sized PA’s impossible to use 😉

Bands who played there include Geddes Axe, The Naughtiest Girl Was a Monitor, Vena Cava, Disease, Uncalled 4, Veiled Threat and many others. In some ways it was the least attractive venue on West Street, but you couldn’t be too fussy!

Please share any memorabilia about this venue and add any missing gigs.

Venue : Saddle (15 entries)
Geddes Axe05/02/1980SaddleSheffield
The Naughtiest Girl Was a Monitor26/02/1980SaddleSheffield
Vena Cava08/04/1980SaddleSheffield
Cramped Legs03/06/1980SaddleSheffield
Madison Blooze Band08/06/1980SaddleSheffield
Vena Cava26/08/1980SaddleSheffield
Kirlian Lens14/04/1982SaddleSheffield
Dig Vis Drill05/09/1983SaddleSheffield
Maison Rouge12/09/1983SaddleSheffield

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