Take 2

A venue based in Attercliffe run by professional trombonist(!) Marcus Reynolds. They were a busy and popular venue at the foot of Staniforth road often hosting 4/5 gigs a week. It was a key venue on the psychobilly & punk circuit as well as a variety of left-field rock bands, including the only gig by the Comsat Angels under their “Headhunters” name. It closed in 1990 and left a gaping hole that hasn’t really been filled in the Sheffield scene. Marcus is still extolling the joys of trombones, but sadly has absolutely nothing to say about Take 2 and no memorabila from the times. I suspect he simply wasn’t ruthless enough to run a business like this where everyone would have tried to take advantage of him.

Please share any memorabilia about this venue and add any missing gigs.

Venue : Take 2 (125 entries)
Jazz Butcher Spacemen 318/09/1987Take 2Sheffield
UK SubsThe Bland16/10/1987Take 2Sheffield
The BlandMacc Lads06/12/1987Take 2Sheffield
Midnight ChoirWalking Seeds23/01/1988Take 2Sheffield
Kiev Exocet12/02/1988Take 2Sheffield
Robyn Hitchcock13/02/1988Take 2Sheffield
The Vaynes14/02/1988Take 2Sheffield
Jadis16/02/1988Take 2Sheffield
The Man With No Name18/02/1988Take 2Sheffield
Flying Oryx19/02/1988Take 2Sheffield
Blind Venetians21/02/1988Take 2Sheffield
Ensoniq Roadshow22/02/1988Take 2Sheffield
Flith SistersJJs Bones24/02/1988Take 2Sheffield
Goodbye ToulouseThe Cynics25/02/1988Take 2Sheffield
The DetailsA Whale Of A Time27/02/1988Take 2Sheffield
The Shamen28/02/1988Take 2Sheffield
UK Subs11/03/1988Take 2Sheffield
Spacemen 3Perfect Disaster24/03/1988Take 2Sheffield
Spacemen 3Perfect Disaster25/03/1988Take 2Sheffield
Jack Rubies05/05/1988Take 2Sheffield
Howling Wilf and the VJsThe Mourning After06/05/1988Take 2Sheffield
One Mans Medicine07/05/1988Take 2Sheffield
Attacco Decente08/05/1988Take 2Sheffield
The Tin Gods12/05/1988Take 2Sheffield
No Mans LandSnap Dragons13/05/1988Take 2Sheffield
Macc Lads14/05/1988Take 2Sheffield
Macc Lads15/05/1988Take 2Sheffield
The BeyondManiac / Bad Taste (Sheff)07/07/1988Take 2Sheffield
Third UnclesCandyweed01/10/1988Take 2Sheffield
Beat Crazy02/10/1988Take 2Sheffield
Christian Death23/10/1988Take 2Sheffield
Whip Me Harvey24/10/1988Take 2Sheffield
Mutant Motor Company25/10/1988Take 2Sheffield
Sins Of The Flesh26/10/1988Take 2Sheffield
The Comsat Angels(as the "Headhunters")27/10/1988Take 2Sheffield
Dumpys Rusty Nuts28/10/1988Take 2Sheffield
Jesus Monroe29/10/1988Take 2Sheffield
Slopdosh Bobbar And Ivan Crump01/11/1988Take 2Sheffield
Slopdosh Bobbar And Ivan Crump20/11/1988Take 2Sheffield
UK Subs18/12/1988Take 2Sheffield
Slopdosh Bobbar And Ivan CrumpRadiacs20/12/1988Take 2Sheffield
Automatic Dlamini18/05/1989Take 2Sheffield
Tales To TellEZ EZ19/05/1989Take 2Sheffield
GBHSlopdosh Bobbar And Ivan Crump20/05/1989Take 2Sheffield
Straight Razor Halos21/05/1989Take 2Sheffield
FuzztonesThe Mourning After / The Tyme Element28/05/1989Take 2Sheffield
Carter The Unstoppable Sex Machine14/06/1989Take 2Sheffield
Bomb DisneylandPenetrator / Muzzle Club21/08/1989Take 2Sheffield
Yeah GodSpin Out / Human Perogrative31/08/1989Take 2Sheffield
SnuffThe Moving Jelly Brothers / Def Con 401/09/1989Take 2Sheffield
The PharoahsLost Souls / Radiacs02/09/1989Take 2Sheffield
The Jazz ButcherCrow / Detail Fiend04/09/1989Take 2Sheffield
ChelseaDollar Babies / Gunrunners06/09/1989Take 2Sheffield
The Absolute08/09/1989Take 2Sheffield
Le Rue09/09/1989Take 2Sheffield
Midnite10/09/1989Take 2Sheffield
Wreckless EricThe Big Pants / Clive11/09/1989Take 2Sheffield
Into A CircleSins Of The Flesh12/09/1989Take 2Sheffield
Too Much Texas14/09/1989Take 2Sheffield
Conflict16/09/1989Take 2Sheffield
The ShoutCorpse Grinders22/09/1989Take 2Sheffield
2 SaintsFace First / American Ruse25/09/1989Take 2Sheffield
The TelescopesLilac Confusion / Spin Outs26/09/1989Take 2Sheffield
Gods Little MonkeysMuzzle Club28/09/1989Take 2Sheffield
Das DamenThe Walking Seeds / Detail Fiend02/10/1989Take 2Sheffield
BradfordEmerald Rain03/10/1989Take 2Sheffield
GodfleshGod / Kill Buddha05/10/1989Take 2Sheffield
2 Lost SonsLighthouse / Johhny 706/10/1989Take 2Sheffield
Guns For HireSkyfire / Dirty Work / Shamway07/10/1989Take 2Sheffield
The Hunters ClubThe Pilgrims08/10/1989Take 2Sheffield
The DriscollsMousefolk / Nothing In Particular11/10/1989Take 2Sheffield
Thrilled SkinnyF.C.S12/10/1989Take 2Sheffield
Benny ProfanePoisonous Little Creatures / Clive13/10/1989Take 2Sheffield
Frantic FlintstonesSugar Puff Demons14/10/1989Take 2Sheffield
Midnite15/10/1989Take 2Sheffield
XentrixBedlam Choir16/10/1989Take 2Sheffield
Bomb DisneylandThe Corpse Grinders18/10/1989Take 2Sheffield
PenetratersCorpse Grinder18/10/1989Take 2Sheffield
Mor-Fines19/10/1989Take 2Sheffield
The PopinjaysOne Man's Medecine20/10/1989Take 2Sheffield
Guana Batz22/10/1989Take 2Sheffield
Junior Manson SlagsDurango 95 / Ill-Logic23/10/1989Take 2Sheffield
Face FirstSink / Jailcell Recipes29/10/1989Take 2Sheffield
The Wild Poppies30/10/1989Take 2Sheffield
The Brilliant CornersBlammo31/10/1989Take 2Sheffield
Silverfish02/11/1989Take 2Sheffield
The Bombshells03/11/1989Take 2Sheffield
Carter The Unstoppable Sex Machine19/11/1989Take 2Sheffield
UK Subs03/12/1989Take 2Sheffield
DIMDown And Outs / Illogic07/12/1989Take 2Sheffield
Corpse GrindersIllogic / Snuff04/01/1990Take 2Sheffield
Muzzle Club24/01/1990Take 2Sheffield
Rubber WhipsRat Fink / Bomb Disneyland23/03/1990Take 2Sheffield
Magic Mushroom BandGas Police24/03/1990Take 2Sheffield
UK SubsCorpse Grinders31/03/1990Take 2Sheffield
The Mock TurtlesThe Ventialtors01/04/1990Take 2Sheffield
Screaming MarionettesBedlam Choir04/04/1990Take 2Sheffield
The Change07/04/1990Take 2Sheffield
Tubilah DogTunnel Frenzies07/04/1990Take 2Sheffield
James Dean Driving ExperienceNo Morgans / Faint08/04/1990Take 2Sheffield
PsychosurgeonsThe Protectors09/04/1990Take 2Sheffield
GoatThe Penetrators10/04/1990Take 2Sheffield
The Wild PoppiesDetail Fiend11/04/1990Take 2Sheffield
Greenhouse3 Times The Crow12/04/1990Take 2Sheffield
DOACorpse Grinders13/04/1990Take 2Sheffield
Dollar BabiesPlay Dixie14/04/1990Take 2Sheffield
Dr. And The Crippens15/04/1990Take 2Sheffield
Dr And The Crippens15/04/1990Take 2Sheffield
The Wild FlowersInto The Storm17/04/1990Take 2Sheffield
The Harbour KingsSteel Town19/04/1990Take 2Sheffield
Phil Murray and the Boys From BuryInternational Rescue20/04/1990Take 2Sheffield
Guana Batz23/04/1990Take 2Sheffield
Friends Of Harry25/04/1990Take 2Sheffield
The Rainkings26/04/1990Take 2Sheffield
Voodoo ChildBarflies28/04/1990Take 2Sheffield
Medicine Factory29/04/1990Take 2Sheffield
Darkside03/05/1990Take 2Sheffield
Cremin JesusEvery New Dead Ghost06/05/1990Take 2Sheffield
Zed08/05/1990Take 2Sheffield
Asphalt RibbonsCradleyard10/05/1990Take 2Sheffield
The Enid16/05/1990Take 2Sheffield
The ExploitedSkitzo18/05/1990Take 2Sheffield
UllulatorsNukli01/06/1990Take 2Sheffield
CarcassEntombed (Swedish)05/06/1990Take 2Sheffield
Radical Dance Faction (RDF)12/06/1990Take 2Sheffield

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