We’ll miss them when they’re gone

A series of limited edition artists prints recalling some of Sheffield’s long gone but well remembered record shops is now available. Names like Cann’s, Wilson Peck’s, Fon, Warp and Bradley’s (see below) are featured. You can see the full rage and read more about the artist’s thinking behind these images on the Easy On The Eye site. The artist’s studio gallery is also open to the public as part of the annual Open Up event on May 4th and 5th.

Bradleys records sheffield

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  1. You forgot Aunty Violet. Once of South St. then opposite Woolies just off the Moor. I refer to Violet Mays record shop.

    1. My brother will know for sure, but I don’t think VM had branded bags in her shop. I must have spent months in there dredging through the wooden boxes and I can’t recall any…

    2. Violet did have a branded bag for her last shop for a time, just a 7″. It was a generic bag identical to the Classic & Popular design but with her address in place of the original wording. I do have a scan of this and plan to do a print at some time. Sheffield’s premier second hand shop for three decades!

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