Zu (formerly Agaton Sax)

In 1989, 3/4 of Agaton Saks became Zu adding Mark Bennett on vocals. From Agaton Saks – Griff on guitar, Steve Crewe drums and Nick on bass.

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  1. Hi all – once i left the band (Darren) – was left to Paul to tell me in a phone call that I was out – so kicked out rather than left.
    I met Paul Unwin, our manager a couple years later at a party. He said to me, “oh well we were all young and we were learning as we went along”. I wanted to give him a good slap. We all believed that he was an experienced manager. He would always correct us when we said, “we need to hawk this cassette tape around to companies”. He would always give us a stern look and say, “placed”. I now know he didn’t have a fucking clue what he was doing. As a manger we shouldn’t have gone with George, I think his name was. Owner of the Limit club.
    Love to all

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